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Hamilton HPLC Columns


      Hamilton HPLC Column

Hamilton Company has been developing and manufacturing pressure-stable polymeric high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) columns for nearly 35 years.

Hamilton Company offers a full line of off-the-shelf and custom chromatography products for HPLC, gas chromatography (GC) and thin layer chromatography (TLC).

Introduction to Hamilton HPLC Columns

Download Catalog_introduction to Hamilton HPLC Columns.pdf

HPLC Columns by USP Listing
PS-DVB resins are similar in retention characteristics to silica C18 but do have a slightly different selectivity in some cases..

Reversed-Phase HPLC Columns

Download Catalog_Reversed-Phase HPLC Columns.pdf

  • PRP-C18 Columns
  • PRP-1 Columns
  • PRP-3 Columns
  • PRP-h5 Columns 

Cation Exchange HPLC Columns

Download Catalog_Cation Exchange HPLC Columns.pdf

  • PRP-X200 Columns
  • PRP-X400 Columns
  • PRP-X800 Columns
  • HC-40 Ca2+ and HC-75 (H+, Ca2+, Pb2+) Columns

Anion Exchange HPLC Columns

Download Catalog_Anion Exchange HPLC Columns.pdf

  • PRP-X100 and PRP-X110 Columns
  • PRP-X500 Columns
  • PRP-X600 Columns
  • RCX-10 and RCX-30 Columns

Ion Exchange HPLC Columns

Download Catalog_Ion Exclusion HPLC Columns.pdf

  • PRP-X300 Columns

Custom HPLC Columns and Packing Materials

Download Custom HPLC Columns and Packing Materials.pdf

Hamilton offers an extensive line of off-the-shelf HPLC columns with different packing material chemistries, varying particle sizes and column hardware dimensions in two hardware types—stainless steel and polyether ether ketone (PEEK) plastic. However, even with all the standard options available, customers often require a custom built column where they may need one of our stationary phases packed into a column hardware combination that is not a standard product.

Proper Column Care and Storage

Download Catalog_Proper Column Care and Storage.pdf

The following precautions should be taken with Hamilton HPLC columns to achieve maximum product life:

  1. Routinely monitor the column’s performance.
  2. Switch only between mutually miscible mobile phases.
  3. Avoid the possibility of precipitation of salts in the column.
  4. Use only filtered and degassed mobile phases.
  5. Do not allow the column to dry out.
  6. Keep the column capped with the end plugs that came with the column when not in use.
  7. For prolonged storage, use a mobile phase that will inhibit bacterial and mold growth.
  8. Unusually high operating pressure is an indication of a plugged inlet frit. It may be cleared by reversing flow through the column for 5–10 column volumes.
  9. Using guard columns is highly recommended to remove particulate matter or impurities which may permanently bind to the polymer packing materials inside the analytical column.




Hamilton Syringe and Needles