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Pipette Tips



Made in China

Pipette tips are made of high transparency PP material. They have excellent quality to fit for multi brand pipettes. In addition, The inner surface is smooth, high transparent and straight with high accuracy.


  • Design for a variety of pipetting application, compatible with Gilson, ThermoFisher  Scientific , Dragon Lab, Biohit, Brand, Axygen, Eppendorf, Bio-DL Genex and other brand.
  • RNase-free, DNase-free, Human DNA free.
  • Non-pyrogenic, Non-Toxic.
  • Non-sterilized
  • Autoclavable


P/N HR20001 10ul Pipette Tips, pk/1000

ราคา 190 บาท




P/N 20016 10ul Pipette Tips, Extended length, pk/1000

ราคา 250 บาท


P/N HR20002 200ul Pipette Tips, pk/1000

ราคา 220 บาท


P/N HR20003 1000ul Pipette Tips, pk/500

ราคา 280 บาท


P/N HR20010 1250ul Pipette Tips, pk/500

ราคา 320 บาท


P/N HR20006 5ml Pipette Tips, Short, pk/100 

ราคา 350 บาท


P/N HR20005 5ml Pipette Tips, Extend length, pk/100

ราคา 350 บาท 



P/N HR20007 10ml Pipette Tips, pk/100

ราคา 1000 บาท 


P/N HR20011 10ul Pipette Tips
with Filter, pk/1000




P/N HR20012 200ul Pipette Tips with Filter, pk/1000



P/N HR20013 1ml Pipette Tips with Filter,



P/N HR20019 200ul Pipette Tips,
Extend length with Filter, pk/1000



Pipette Tips

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