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Circulation Water Vacuum Pump


       Circulating Water Vacuum Pump


Circulating Water Vacuum Pump



  • Multi meter multi tap design, can be used alone or in parallel;
  • The turbine culvert structure ensures the maximum flow and the fastest passage;
  • The core motor part is a high-strength anti-corrosion motor shaft core which will not rust during long-term operation;
  • All copper coil AC motor, with cooling fan at the tail, has excellent heat dissipation performance and can work continuously;
  • A check valve is installed on the air extraction pipeline to prevent accidental shutdown during vacuum operation.


Model LC-VWP-60A LC-VWP-60T LC-VWP-90S
Tapping Material Copper PTFE Copper
Valve Material Copper PTFE Copper
Voltage V AC100-240
Frequency Hz 50-60
Power W 180
Display Method Pressure gage x 2
Exhaust Heads 2
Maximum Vacuum mPa 0.098
Pumping Volume L/min 10
Flow L/min 60 90
Lift m 8
Circulating Water Function Yes
Capacity L 9


Ordering Information

P/N Description
LCH-WP-60A Circulating Water Vacuum Pump, 60l/min
LCH-WP-60T Circulating Water Vacuum Pump, PTFE, 60 l/min
LCH-WP-90W Circulating WaterVacuum Pump, 90L/min



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