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Oil free Vacuum Pump

                    Oil free Vacuum Pump

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VP series oil-free vacuum pump can operate continuously without oil, with low noise, high efficiency and long service life. It is suitable for gas treatment in chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and other industries, such as vacuum distillation, vacuum concentration, solid phase extraction, etc.


  • The rubber sole is adopted to reduce the vibration during operation of the instrument and support the smooth operation of the instrument.
  • Light weight, easy to move, save laboratory space, convenient repair and maintenance.
  • The body surface is equipped with porous heat sink, heat dissipation effect is good, effectively improve the service life.
  • The shell uses aluminum alloy, using electrostatic spray processing technology, durable, aging resistance, corrosion resistance.
  • The body is equipped with automatic cooling and exhaust system, which can ensure the long time operation of the instrument.



Model LC-VP-85 LC-VP-90 LC-VP-85D LC-VP-90D
Voltage Vac 100 - 220
Frequency  50 - 60 Hz
Power 165W 245W 165W 245W
Display Pressure Gauge
Flow 30l/min 60l/min 30l/min 60l/min
Max. Vacuum 0.085MPa 0.09MPa 0.085MPa 0.09MPa
No. of pump head 1 2
Speed range 1360 rpm
Positive pressure / / 20.3psi 26.8psi
Noise <60dB

Ordering Information

P/N Descriptions
LC-VP-85 Vacuum Pump 30l/min Single head
LC-VP-85D Vacuum pump, positve/negative 30l/min Single head
LC-VP-90 Vacuum Pump 60l/min Dual head
LC-VP-90D Vacuum pump, positve/negative 60l/min Dual head



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