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High Speed Mini Centrifuge
              High Speed Mini Centrifuge


Download Brochure_.pdf


  • Touch button, waterproof and durable;
  • Using LCD liquid crystal display, simple operation, clearer and more intuitive display;
  • The use of high-strength transparent cover is convenient for real-time observation;
  • Standard replaceable PCR board and angle rotor;
  • Unique rotor design makes it safer to rotate and easy to replace the rotor;
  • It has the functions of emergency stop when opening the lid and reversing when the lid is closed;
  • The DC permanent magnet motor is durable, low-noise, stable, safe and reliable.


Model LC-Mini-10K Pro
Voltage AC110-240V / 24 VDC
Frequency/Hz 50-60
Power/W 36
Display Mode LCD
Max Speed/rpm 1000 - 10000
Max relative centrifugal force/xg 5600
Timing Range 1min - 1h 59min
Motor Type ·DC permanent magnet motor
Standard Rotor Specification 8 × 2.0ml / 1.5ml / 0.5ml / 0.2ml Angle rotor
2 × 8 × 0.2ml PCR centrifugal
Net Weight/Kg 1.14
Dimensions/mm 180 × 145 × 110

Ordering Information

P/N Description
LCH-MCF-1008D High speed Mini centrifuge, 1000 - 10000 rpm, 220V/50Hz



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