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Low speed centrifuge

                        Low Speed Centrifuge


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  • ABS high-strength shell, frosted surface, not easy to age, beautiful and lightweight, and ergonomic;
  • LCD liquid crystal display, adjustable speed, time and other parameters, functional partition display, beautiful and clear (LC-LCE-05D);
  • Adjustable height rubber anti-vibration feet, adapt to various uneven desktops, prevent the instrument from shaking;
  • The structure is optimized and the space is reasonable, which makes the installation or cleaning more convenient. With its own transparent observation window, the experimental operation is clear at a glance;
  • 304 stainless steel door lock, compatible with automatic unlocking and manual unlocking, safe and firm;
  • Adopt DC brushless motor, low noise, maintenance-free, high-speed bearing, stable operation;
  • Multiple time settings, precise control, high work efficiency, multi-function encoder adjustment, function settings barrier-free;
  • Press-type one key to open the lid, easy to operate, automatically open the lid after the centrifuge stops, freeing hands;
  • With program preset function, it can save 5 different running programs (LC-LCE-05D);
  • Equipped with cover opening protection, overspeed protection, and automatic fault warning functions to enhance safety.


Model LC-LCE-05 LC-LCE-05D
Voltage(V) AC100-230
Power(W) 150
Display Method LED  LCD
Speed Range (rpm) 100 - 5000
Speed Control Accuracy (r/min) ± 10
Max. Centrifugal Force (xg) 2795
Tube Capacity (ml) 8 wells × 15 / 8 wells × 12 / 8 wells × 10
Rotor Diameter (mm) 188
Timing Range (s) 105,999
Motor Type Brushless Motor
Net Weight (Kg) 6.5
Product Dimension (mm) 330 × 280 × 240

Ordering Information

P/N Description
LCH-LCE-05 Low speed centrifuge, 100 - 5000 rpm, LED
LCH-LCE-05D Low speed centrifuge, 100 - 5000 rpm, LCD


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