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Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer


                   Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer


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  • LCD liquid crystal display, adjustable speed, time and other parameters, intuitive and clear.
  • One-piece die-cast aluminum plate surface, uniform temperature, fast heating speed, surface ceramic spraying, corrosion resistance, non-slip and abrasion resistance.
  • It can be directly connected to the PT 1000 temperature sensor to achieve precise temperature control.
  • Equipped with the function of forward and reverse rotation, it can stop and start slowly when rotating forward and reverse.
  • Equipped with a program-controlled mode, up to 6 groups of operating programs can be set to meet the needs of the experimental phase.
  • Using DC brushless motor, low noise, maintenance-free, stable operation.
  • The strong magnetic and high temperature resistant magnetic steel is selected to ensure sufficient suction and torque, effectively prevent jumping, and the stirring effect is remarkable.
  • Using fuzzy logic control and micro-processing basis to ensure control accuracy.
  • Automatically memorize the set working parameters



Voltage/V AC220
Frequency/Hz 50
Power/W 550
Display Mode LCD
Speed Range/rpm 100 - 2000
Speed Control Accuracy/rpm ± 10
Timing Range 0 - 99h 59min
Temperature Control Range / °C RT- 300°C
Temperature Control Accuracy / °C Liquor ± 0.5
Max Stirring Volume (HO) L 5
Working Plate Material Cast aluminum + ceramic coating
Working Size mm 150 × 150 mm
Motor Type Brushless Motor
Net Weight/Kg 2.1
Dimensions/mm 180×270×85

Ordering Information

P/N Description
LC-MSB-HD Hotplate Stirrer 5L,100-1600rpm,RT-300°C, with temp.
sensor,LCD display,timing function, 220V/50Hz



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