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Vial for GC/HPLC


Bonded Cap, for 2ml vial, 9mm

Bonded Cap for 2ml vial, 9mm
- Septa can not fall into vial
- Reduce handling / Contamination
- No interfering peaks
- Easy needle penetration
- Easily control/indentify inventory
- Selected septa with pre slit and without pre slit


2ml, 9mm Screw neck ND9 vialsarticle

·       Wider opening prevents syringe problems

·       9mm screw thread caps, septa, and vials are designed especially for use with Agilent's,
        Brukers, CTC autosampler, Perkin Elmer, Shimadzu, ThermoScientifics, Water Alliance’s
        and other rotating or robotic arm samplers.
·       Clear vial, 33 Expansion borosilicate glass (Type 1, Class A)
·       Amber vial, 50 Expansion borosilicate glass (Type 1, Class B)


2ml Screw neck ND8 Vials, thread 8-425article
·       8-425 screw thread caps and vials are often used in conjunction with CTC Autosampler, Shimadzu, ThermoScientific, Varian and other autosamplers.
·       Clear vial, 33 Expansion borosilicate glass (Type 1, Class A)
·       Amber vial, 50 Expansion borosilicate glass (Type 1, Class B)
·       Vials provide graduated write-on marking spot area, measures 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5ml
2ml crimp neck ND11 vials, 11mmarticle
·       2ml crimp neck ND11 vials have a larger opening to ensure proper needle penetration.
·       Clear vials are manufactured of Type 1, bolosilicate, 3.3 expansion glass
·       Amber vials are manufactured of Type 1, borosilicate, 51 expansion glass
·       Both types included a write-in Marking spot for sample identification.
Screw Thread Headspace vialarticle

·       Precision Screw thread ND18 Vials

·       Crimp Neck ND20 Vials
·       Borosilicate Type I Glass Vials 
Storage sample vialarticle

Storage Vial 20, 30, 40ml with Cap and septa

2ml Polypropylene Micro Vials ND9 + ND11article

2ml Polypropylene vials are available in 300 ul volumes.
Breakage is not an issue with PP vials and they are not reactive with most sample chemistries.

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