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Screw Thread Headspace vial article
 Screw thread Headspace vial, ND18

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Precision Screw thread ND18 Vials
  • Screw Headspace caps, septa, and vials are designed especially for use with Agilent and CTC rotating or robotic arm samplers.
  • Certified by GC/MS to be contaminate free for VOC analysis.
  • 10ml,  20ml clear or Amber precision thread vial.
  • Magnetic screw caps 8mm center hole.
  • Septa are blue PTFE sample side; White Silicone outside.
  • 10ml  22.5 x 46 mm, 20ml  22.5 x 75.5mm, 17.5 x 1.5mm Septa, 18mm metal Screw
  • Borosilicate Type I Glass Vials
  • Precision Screw thread Headspace Vials rounded bottom


Model :                 10ml / 20ml clear precision screw-thread vial
Volume :              10ml / 20ml (standard volume)
Specification :   Vial 10ml, Clear glass, Round Bottom,  22.5 x 46mm

                                  Vial 20ml, Clear glass, Round Bottom, 22.5 x 75.5mm
                                  Vial 20ml, Amber glass, Round Bottom, 22.5 x 75.5mm
                                  Septa : 17.5 x 1.5 mm PTFE/silicone, Temperature resistance - 60 °C to 200 °C
                                  Screw Caps : Magnetic precision screw-thread metal cap

Products Features:

  • The precision screw-thread vial always be applied to Shimadzu, Spectra-Physics, Varian, and other autosampler.
  • The clear one is made of USP type 1. 
  • Autosampler vials are produced by high quality raw material which imported from foreign countries. They have the feature of excellent high-temperature and corrosion resistance. Temperature resis
  • Caps are made of high quality aluminum,precise manufacturing tolerances, well-controlled Manufacturing environment.
  • Septum are produced by high quality material to ensure proper functions The septum are designed for single injection or a long time between injections. Temperature resistance - 60 C to 200 C 
  • Magnetic precision screw-thread metal cap is combined the ideas of innovation and time-saving and convenient  together. is combined idea of innovation and time-saving.
  • The method of patent to produce chemical inert cap is to integrate the cap and the septa together at the molecular level, which can avoid excessive evaporation and keep the sample bottle proper sealing.


Ordering Information :
Precision Screw thread ND18 Vials
 22.5 x 46 mm and 22.5 x 75.5 mm ND18 Vials
10ml Screw thread ND18 Vial, Clear, Round Bottom
20ml Screw thread ND18 Vial, Clear, Round Bottom
20ml Screw thread ND18 Vial, Amber, Round Bottom 121806        100
Magnetic Screw Cap and Septa for Precision Thread Vials ND18
18mm Magnetic screw cap, silver, 8mm center hole with blue PTFE/white Silicone septa
Septa Blue PTFE/white Silicone, 17.5 x 1.5mm
18mm Magnetic screw cap, silver, 8mm centre hole



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