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About Us

C.E. Instruments (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established in 2002 by a group of sales and service engineers who have an experience in scientific and analytical equipments.  We are an official distributor from well-known manufacturers of Scientifics instruments and Consumable parts in Thailand.  



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C.E. Instruments (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

68/876 Moo 8, Rattanathibet Rd,
Bangkrasor, Muang-Nonthaburi,
Nonthaburi 11000, Thailand.

Tel : 66 2 9658971-3
Fax : 66 2 9658974
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Representative of:



- Solid Phase Extraction Cartridge

- Flash Purification

- Microwave Synthesizer

- TurboVap

- RapidTrace 


VICI Valco / Switzerland 
-  Valves and fitting for  Chromatograph

Hamilton / Switzerland

- Syringes
- Diluter / Dispenser
- HPLC Column
- Pipettes


Tianjin Fuji Science/China

- Syringe filters

- membrane filters


DataApex / Czech Republic
- Software for GC/HPLC 


Nacalai Tesque / Japan
-  Cosmosil, HPLC Column





Nutech Instruments

Sample preparation for VOC analyzer

- Preconcentrator

- Canister cleaning system

- Thermal Desorption unit


Hangzhou Allsheng Instruments CO.,Ltd. / China

- Dry Baths

- Shakers or Mixer

- Sample Concentration

- Centrifuges

- Bacti-Cinerator Sterilizer







Ordering Information and Terms of Sale


Orders may be placed via phone, fax, e-mail or standard mail. To avoid errors and

to expedite your order, please be sure to provide us with a complete shipping and billing

address, the method of payment, a brief item description, the part number, and the desired

unit quantity.



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68/876 Moo 8, Rattanathibet Rd, Bangkrasor,
Muang – nonthaburi, Nonthaburi 11000, Thailand
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