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MultiVortex Shakers & Mixers


MultiVortex Shakers & Mixers

MultiVortex Shakers & Mixers

MultiVortex supports up to 26 samples for mixing process simultaneously.

With balanced and continuous vortex vibration, it not only makes the whole process high-efficient and time-saving, but also guarantees satisfying parallelism.

5" HD control terminal with manual and automatic dual mode displays real-time rotate speed and running time.

Multiple sets of vortex mixing parameters can be conveniently stored and applied. Intelligent design and small footprint make optimal using experiences.

There is no doubt that MultiVortex is of great help in all kinds of sample pretreatment process for analysis and testing.

Technical Parameters

  •  Position Number: up to 26 samples are accommodated for mixing process.
  • Optional sample racks with matching test tubes: 26-pos sample rack matching Ø10-16mm test tube; 12-pos sample rack matching Ø16-32mm test tube.
  • Speed Range: 200-3000rpm. Easily deals with various kinds of samples.
  • 3mm amplitude guarantees each sample is sufficiently mixed with excellent vortex results.
  • 5" HD control terminal displays real-time rotate speed and running time.
  • Software Interfaces: Manual Mode and Automatic Mode are optional with language selection between Chinese and English.
  • No manual intervention: there will be an automatic alarm as soon as preset time is over. Start or stop of the mixing process can be achieved anytime.
  • More than 12 sets of mixing parameters can be stored and saved, making operation more convenient and flexible.

Ordering Information

Part No. Description
MV07-26 Multivortex Shakers & Mixer model MULTIVORTEX
MV07-26-01 26-pos Test Tube Rack,Special for 15ml Centrifuge Tube,D: 10-16 mm
MV07-26-02 12-pos Test Tube Rack,Special for 50ml Centrifuge Tube,D: 16-32 mm




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