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Intelligent Sample concentrator Model FlexiVap 24 article

FlexiVap-24 Automatic Intelligent Parallel Concentrator


Concentration is a technique commonly used in laboratory analysis of sample preparation, applying to liquid chromatography (LC/LC-MS), gas chromatography (GC/GC-MS), and mass spectrometry (MS). Nitrogen concentration refers to the process of rapid, continuous and controllable nitrogen blown to the surface of the heated sample, so that the solvent or water in the sample is quickly evaporated and separated, thereby achieving rapid oxygen-free concentration of the sample, which is widely used in pesticide analysis, drug screening and other fields. Nitrogen concentration can process several samples simultaneously and rapidly with simple operation

FlexiVap-24 Automatic Intelligent Parallel Concentrator

FlexiVap-24 can process maximum 24 large-volume samples simultaneously. Rapid concentration is achieved with nitrogen blown onto the heated sample in water bath. Each nozzle is equipped with a liquid-level sensor to detect sample volume, so there will be an automatic alarm as soon as concentration process finishes. Controlled by 10.1" HD color touchscreen, nitrogen pressure and nozzle angle are available for adjustments, which is more intelligent and efficient than other common parallel concentrators.

Nozzle position and N2 pressure are Automatic adjustment 

10.1" HD color touch screen controller

Technical Parameters

  • Maximum 24 large-volume samples work simultaneously
  • Optional concentration tubes (200ml or 100ml) with matching end-points (1ml or 0.5ml)
  • Nitrogen nozzle angle is automatically adjusted from 0° to 90°.
  • Dual nitrogen blowing mode (Strong Vortex Shearing & Gradual Pressurization) ensures high efficiency.
  • Automatic Alarm: as soon as the liquid-level sensors detect that solvents have reached the preset end-point, there will be an automatic alarm.
  • Pressure and temperature are both controlled by PID technology.
  • Pressure range: 1~72.5psi; pressure accuracy: ±0.5psi.
  • Temperature range: room temperature ~ 100 °C; temperature accuracy: ±0.1 °C.
  • 4 Working Modes: End-point Mode; Timing Mode; Mixed Mode (End-point Timing); Manual Mode.
  • 10.1" HD color touchscreen visually displays real-time parameters with easy control. Online editing and saving of concentration parameters are available.

Ordering Information :

Part No. Description
C06-24 Automatic Intelligent Parallel Concentrator model FlexiVap-24
C06-24-02 24-pos Outer Sample Rack for 100ml Concentration Tube
C4210200-1 100ml Concentration Tube, 42×200mm, 1ml End-point




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