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Screw Air compressor for Nitrogen Generator


     Screw Air Compressor 


Compact set ประกอบด้วย ปั๊มลมแบบ Screw Compressor ชนิด Permanent Magnetc และ  ปรับ Speed เองอัตโนมัติ, เครื่องกำจัดน้ำ High Temp. Refrigerated Air Dryer, ระบบกรองอากาศและไอน้ำมัน และถังเก็บอากาศ  พร้อมใช้งาน




Download Brochure Model DNA-5LG_.pdf
Flow Rate 5nM3 / Hr

Download Brochure Model DNA-7LG _.pdf
Flow Rate 7 nM3 / Hr

Download Brochure Model DNA-11LG_.pdf
Flow Rate 11 nM3 / Hr

Download Brochure Model DNA-15LG_.pdf
Flow Rate 15 nM3 / Hr



Air compressor features
Feature for the complete package.

  • No need to Installation, Plug and play, save the installation cost.
  • Compact design, less space required, easy movement of complete package via forklift.
  • VSD PM type, to save the utmost energy cost
Air Compressor Features

State-of-the-art Screw air end.

Screw rotor profile design patent: ZL201720301123.8
Design of air end pressure: 0.3Mpa-1.6Mpa
Air end volume efficiency of compression: 95%
Rotor diameter and center distance: Large
Lower Power consumption: energy efficiency level reached the level of energy efficiency index 1
Direct driven: transmission ratio 1:1
Low noise
The rotor is made of special carbon steel SAE1141 type
The air end adopts imported brand SKF bearing
Working temperature is up to 100 degrees under continuous running condition

Premium Efficiency Drive Motor

  • Maintenance free and no need to add motor grease
  • Bearing design and transmission efficiency 100%
  • Protection grade is up to IP65
  • Cooling method of motor: oil cooling.

Advanced Computer Controller and Monitoring System

  • Overall system performance status with pro-active service indications,alarms for malfunctions and safety shutdowns
  • All monitoring and control functions via one interface, English display
  • Wide communication possibilities
  • CMC control panel from Belgium

VSD: Driving Down your Energy Costs

  • High utilization rate, panel disassembly, switching user, memory function.
  • Protection improvement: it can realize phase loss, inter-phase shot circuit,over current, over voltage, under-voltage, over load, overheat, motorthermal protection, circuit board, dust-proof and anti-corrosion.
  • Independent cooling air dust design, suspension installation, dust-proof,small power and powerful overload capacity and unique flow limitingtechnology.
  • A proprietary and efficient control program
  • Ultra wide frequency design and wider range of control


Air Inlet Design feature

  • Patent design: ZL201720513212.9
  • High vacuum degree: 700mmHg
  • Large suction area
  • Low load energy consumption in unloaded operation
  • Fast check: prevent unloading and shutdown oil injection
  • The solenoid valve adopts the Italy ODE brand
  • Valve sea adopts fluoro rubber
  • Integrated design, failure and low maintenance rate
  • Cast aluminum to avoid rust and temperature change

Stainless Steel Oil Pipe and Air Pipe

  • High temperature resistant (400°C )  and low temperature resistant (-270°C ), high pressure resistant
  • Ultra-long life (80 years), completely leak free and maintenance free




Nitrogen Generator

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Nitrogen Generator LPSA Series
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